The spy who loved me car

Despite the insistence of many conspiracy theorists, there was no evidence that james bond ever drove a “spy who loved me” car in any movie.

the original octopussy-themed vehicle used by q to deliver the gadget cache to james bond for his mission was an amphicar 770, which he presumably acquired from mi6's secret fleet of luxury amphibious automobiles. there are only 1,200 left in existence today! one can be glimpsed briefly taxiing up next to bond during one scene near the end of the world is not enough . it's hard to tell if it is really an amphicar or not due to other cars obstructing its side view too much, but it does have distinctly round headlights at

what was the car in the spy who loved me?

the spy who loved me also came to be noted for the lotus esprit driven by james bond.

the film's success ensured that future films in the series, such as 1980s for your eyes only and 1997 tomorrow never dies, used a wide variety of cars to drive through constant action.

bond fanatics argue that this is not always feasible but licensed car agents can find them at least one “007-style” vehicle ­ all they need is an agreement with the film company and perhaps extra money. if they cannot get a licence from ford or another carmaker, enthusiasts can hunt out another carmaker willing to take on any potential litigation should crashes happen in or around their vehicles. some may even go

which james bond film had the lotus esprit?

“the spy who loved me.”

this is a question with an answer that can be found in the public domain. if you are looking for more information on the different cars in james bond movies, please refer to roger moore's book all the props in which he gives all of the details about each vehicle. thank you!

where is the james bond lotus?

the lotus esprit s1 was a sporty, two-door turbocharged convertible manufactured by british car maker lotus from 1976 to 2004. originally designed as a show car for the 1972 london motor show, the esprit became one of the company's most celebrated models. the original lotus prototype was given an extensive makeover at the behest of its new owner, hollywood director george lucas. building on a small production run for homologation purposes, in 1980 a deal was struck with tony nancy and his company group 44 to develop and market a road going version capable of high speed touring along with product placement opportunities in films that nancy had coming up. that development work culminated in both the esprit se (special equipment) model introduced

what was the submarine car in james bond?

in the spy who loved me, james bond drives a car that is hidden as a refrigerator.

in 1977's “the spy who loved me” from the world's longest running spy series, agent 007 drives a car that is hidden as a refrigerator. this vehicle has since been replicated and considered to be one of the greatest vehicles ever made in cinema by both male and female audience types. for example, this particular british edition of the daily mail declares “the coolest piece of vehicular espionage equipment”. and because it operates on four fully-inflated tires rather than metal tracks, it widens out into 4wd mode to negotiate difficult terrain such as sand dunes or ice surfaces with ease. it can also fire

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