Water leaking into car when it rains

how do i fix a rain leak in my car?

check for visible leaks on the sides of the car. look near the door hinge, sunroof, a pillar, windshield.
if there are no leaks visible from vehicle inspection, have an expert locate difficult-to-see areas on your ride or it could be a sign of widespread water damage to other parts of your ride.
start by making sure all windows are closed while you drive so you can seal up any cracks in your windows with tape where necessary. then try these 3 things which have worked for me personally when i had serious rain leakage problems: 1) use a hose to apply pressure at any seams; 2) put strings across crevasses and try opening and closing doors; 3) take car

why is water getting in my car when it rains?

the rubber gasket that seals the window may be worn out.

the water is probably getting in because the seal around the window has become cracked or irritated, so rainwater can permeate it. this gasket needs to be replaced as soon as possible before rust sets in and damages anything underneath it. we recommend contacting a mechanic now so this problem doesn't get any worse than it already is, and an appointment can be set for this repair asap. if you would like more information on recalls or further advice about how to go about repairing this issue ourselves then please call our toll-free number at 1-888-736-2007 (1-888 736 2007). representatives are available 24 hours a day to take your call

how do i find a water leak in my car?

a water leak in a car usually occurs from the outside condensation which drains into the inside. the best place to check for such a leak would be on your upholstery, which you can do by using scraped ice cubes. to find out where the moisture is coming from, put an ice cube on your upholstery and watch for any change in temperature 10 minutes later.

if you see temperature changes (i.e., melting) anywhere other than where it was originally placed, this means that you've found your water leak! if anyone has any additional questions about finding leaks not involving condensation or stitching that needs reinforcement because of wear and tear, feel free to contact radnix here at radnix auto rep

can i drive my car if its leaking water?

if water is leaking into the engine, it can cause problems like stalling while driving. my suggestion would be to turn the car off while still on dry pavement and empty any water that may be in there by using paper towels or old socks.
if your car does stall while driving on wet pavement, do not attempt to restart it right away; wait for it to dry or call someone with a tow truck if you don't feel confident doing this yourself.

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