What age can you rent a car

In the united states, people under 21 typically need to have a co-signer who is at least 25, and people under 18 usually require a surcharge. in some countries outside the us, you may need a driver's permit or third party insurance to rent a car, but in many other places it's possible for someone as young as 17 to rent. it varies from country to country – so be sure to check before traveling if you're not starting from home!

can my 19 year old rent a car?

for nearly every rental car company, the minimum age for renting a vehicle is between 21 and 25.

a few companies may allow younger drivers to rent vehicles as long as they meet certain conditions such as having an international driver's license and travelling with another person who meets the age requirement (minimum of 25 years old).

can you rent a car under the age of 20?

you can rent a car if you're over 18. if you're under 18, sometimes the rental company will have additional age restrictions, including for riding in the front seat or earning any type of insurance coverage. some companies may require that their drivers be at least 25 years old. however, two important things to note are that many credit cards offer auto rentals as an option on your account to allow minors to book through them instead of through the car company directly and usdot requires each driver renting a vehicle to have valid proof of age identification issued by their state or province where they reside (such as a driver's license). ultimately though, it's best to check with the specific agency before driving away with your new friend- rented automobile

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