What are automobile struts

Automobile struts are a type of shock absorber, which help control your vehicle's passenger compartment from the bumps and jolts from the outside environment.

they contain an inner cylinder that is filled with gas, which progressively compresses as you go over the bump in the road. the compression dampens or stops that particular wave of motion until it can move no longer. then, as that front wheel meets with a smoother section of pavement, springs inside the strut push against each other and release pressure on one side to allow for expansion without losing any momentum.

it all sounds pretty silly until you spend hours every day on a commute where every little bump does damage to your spine! with these little helpers installed in your automobile

can you drive a car with bad struts?

this question is too vague to provide a clear answer. choosing the right struts for your car depends on what type of suspension system it has, what size or class of vehicle it is, and what you use it for most often. nevertheless, in general imperfect vehicle performance will vary depending on the severity of wear-and-tear on your struts. this usually means that if they are starting to leak air then the car will be bouncier over bumps in the road, but if nothing is noticeable when you are driving then there is not much risk — unless one day when they all go bad at once which would cause serious problems for control. if you are considering having them replaced by a specialist they might be

how much does it cost to replace struts on a car?

we recommend taking your car to a mechanic for the replacement, but if you want to do it yourself, prices typically range between $10 and $100 or more.

we recommend taking your car to an auto shop for this process. however, if that's not in the cards for you just yet, there are plenty of kits available online that can usually be set up at home without too much difficulty by someone with basic skills in vehicle maintenance. if you're trying to get it done on your own, there are a few things worth mentioning about cost here – how expensive the new ones will run depends on what type of car you have and how old they are when they need replacing. in addition to this information about pricing options from authorized

what are the symptoms of bad struts?

symptoms of bad struts may include drone or humming noise, vibration, knocking or clunking sound from the front end and unequal tire wear.

a strut is a component in your suspension system that connects the wheel to the chassis of your vehicle. one side is called a control arm, and attaches to the steering knuckle where you have two ball joints on each side of it connecting both ball joints together then attaching themselves to the frame on either side. the other side connects into what's called an “upper shock” which holds up one end of your vehicle when it goes over bumps. if these struts are not functioning properly they will typically be making noise or shaking excessively while also showing some signs of rust at their juncture points

does my car have shocks or struts?

a strut is a type of coil spring that is usually mounted on the outside of the body, with one end attached to the upper part of the front axle and the other end resting on top of a short arm.
a shock absorber is an engineering device for slowing down or reducing shocks (variations in velocity) as effects from bumps, bobs and potholes.

a car has struts if it rides high off ground; therefore, if your car rides low to ground then you should really check its shocks. to find out how much power your vehicle's shocks and struts can carry, first calculate weight x volume (lengthxwidthxheight). take this number and divide by piston stroke amount (inches). o

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