What are the best rated automobile tires

General motors and michelin both provide top rated tires for most types of cars.

a study by consumer reports revealed that the popular michelin primacy mxm4 came out on top, followed closely by continental premium contact with max performance or platinum branded tires. for those who like to buy local, dunlop is typically regarded as a quality tire manufacturer in north america. ultimately, determining which tires are best will depend on personal driving patterns and other factors such as fuel efficiency or snow traction.

what is the best brand of automobile tires?

well, that depends on the type of vehicle that you are looking for. you will need to research accordingly.

what brand of tires should i stay away from?

avoiding a specific brand of tires can be tough because there are tons on the market from different manufacturers. what you need to do is make sure you buy brands from companies that have been around for a long time and who offer warranties on their products.

it's also important to make sure that if they sell online or through third-party dealers, those dealers *can* provide waranties as well. for example, michelin does not provide warranties for customers who buy their tires through an amazon 3rd party seller instead of going directly to michelin, which is really unfortunate because michelin's a great company with a lot of product choices and tire warranties..

what are the top 5 all season tires?

1. michelin primacy
2. michelin premier
3. bridgestone turanza t-615
4. goodyear ultra grip performance ii
5. continental premium contact ii

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