What battery for my car

Naturally, the battery you should have depends on what kind of vehicle you drive. a rally car will require a different battery than a prius or honda civic hybrid. battery technology is on the rise with new green cars that utilize hydrogen fuel cells instead of an older lead acid type of battery. toyota prius has two main types of batteries available on their site – nickel-metal hydride for vehicles made before 2003 and lithium-ion polymer for vehicles manufactured after. get in touch with your local auto mechanic to let them know your specifications, they will be able to recommend the best possible option for your make and model of automobile.

how do i know what battery to buy for my car?

this answer won't just help you get batteries for your car, but it might also teach you a thing or two about your dashboard electronics.

if you're having trouble knowing what battery to buy for your vehicle there are three things to try, and they all involve the use of ohm's law:

1. what did i run my car on last? if you ran it on battery power last time and fuel before that, then the alternator is probably running low and needs checked out. a new one can cost upwards of $1000+, but it'll be worth using this test first (unless the current alternator requires immediate replacement). so start by checking if the voltage coming off of your battery consistently sits at 13

can you put any size battery in a car?

you can put any size battery in a car as long as the voltage on the new battery is the same as on your old one.

unless you have a more specific question, i would encourage you to either ask about a particular kind of car or go to an automotive store for more information.

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