What can i use to wash my car

It depends on what kind of car and what you want to do with it.

if you don't want to spend a fortune and you're not concerned about long-term results, grab some dish detergent and a hose. use the same amount as if you were washing dishes – 1 tablespoon for every gallon of water plus vinegar or carpet cleaner (optional). if you want something more heavy duty (for cars that stay outside) i'd go with meguiar's nxt wash — just remember it needs time to dry before driving!

what household products can be used to wash a car?

i recommend using dish washing liquid. this will help remove grease and stains, as well as the dirt off your car.

use approximately one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid to approximately one gallon of water. never use bleach or detergent on paint, metal, vinyl top surfaces! dishwashing liquids are safe for most hard surfaces including rubber, plastic/vinyl/exterior paints finish. use a sponge or wash mitt to apply the solution over your vehicle making sure to work the product into any crevices that may have collected dirt. rinse thoroughly with clean water afterwards! if there is stubborn dirt that has dried onto your car you can use cool -warm soap water with a little bit of gasoline to loosen it up for easier

what soap can be used to wash a car?

advice for choosing the right soap to use on the car is difficult. it's often best to experiment with different types of soaps, as all car shampoos are designed for specific purposes.
the type of soap you would need depends on your car's material that it contains. that includes whether or not there are dirt, oil, salt, or chemicals that will cause problems when washed off with water alone. for instance; metallic-based paints tend to be more likely corrode by acidic substances like citrus products and ammonia bleach solutions.
for people who use natural products like the abcmry-21 laundry detergent (which is battery acid soluble) will find it an excellent choice because if their project consists of

what can i use instead of car shampoo?

for home hair care, you can use
·baking soda – it takes out oil very well.
·vinegar – works really well too
·ions- this is an ionic solution which will leave your hair with a shiny finish and be frizz free. ions come in three different types- shampoo, conditioner, and styling mousse. do what works for you best!
oxiclean max force laundry stain fighter spray | 8-count bottle (pack of 2)

what is the best thing to wash your car with?

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