What car companies own who

In the north american market, for example, gm owns chevrolet, gmc and buick. in addition to these brands it also sells cadillac, which is sometimes considered a separate company. ford owns or has ownership interest in lincoln mercury. chalmers was created jointly with renault-nissan then purchased outright by ford. chrysler has its own dodge ram brand as well as jeep and fiat lines. toyota owns lexus, scion and multiple overseas subsidiaries including daihatsu motor company out of japan and hino motors out of japan (the latter now shares vehicle engineering between hino & fuso). bmw owns rolls royce motor cars ltd.; daimlerchrysler contains mercedes-benz; volkswagen group includes audi , seat toledo

does ford own mazda?

mazda is a japanese automotive manufacturer. ford no longer owns mazda.

what car brands are owned by other companies?

companies that own car brands are known as “parent companies.” volkswagen ag has multiple subsidiaries, including audi, porsche, seat.

volkswagen owns these brands because it needs to create vehicles for customers who want different types of vehicles. one company can't meet the requirements of every customer so over time they have decided to purchase other vehicle company's ranges. the process is much like how a parent decides not keep all eggs in one basket meaning if something happens with one business they will not be completely ruined financially.

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who is mazda owned by?

with the exception of two models, mazda is manufactured and distributed by italdesign s. r.l., a subsidiary of fiat corporation and toyota motor corporation joint venture automobiles plc under the agreement that if there were to be a change in control at mazda's annual general meeting, then italdesign would have the right to take over executive control for ten years from date of such change. the company shares its milan headquarters with italdesign giugiaro s.p.a., which competes with other automotive design studios worldwide, including pininfarina spa, bertone spa and zagato foto meccanica s.r .l..
the remaining 2 models aside from those previously mentioned were produced

who owns toyota?

my response will not be the shortest one.

toyota motor corporation is a multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in toyota city, aichi, japan and outside of its location in kyoto and osaka has offices in tokyo, nagoya, yokohama as well as created at their fukuoka plant. prior to 1880 this would have been known as toyada machine shop & foundry or just toyoda manufacturing then towa company was founded as an enduring company with the philosophy that earning both foreign exchange and customers was more important than profit but after world war ii individuals were permitted to operate business again and under john e merrill they changed their company name to toyota industries corporation and then after recognizing vast economic potential it became a publicly traded company on july 19

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