What car does elon musk drive

Yes, elon musk.

what car does elon musk use?

i work for elon musk, and he does not have a car.

he's waiting for the release of tesla's next model. he figured that if humans are thinking about colonizing mars, they should try to make this planet capable of supporting life first. we've focused all our engineering resources on making solar power more efficient and affordable so that it can be used anywhere. if you'd like to buy a tesla product before the release date you'll need to wait 4-6 weeks until they become available again fully assembled or 24-27 weeks if you want them delivered–customers in europe will be able to pre order today but i'm not able to say anything about their availability dates until we're sure how ready our logistics partner

which car does bill gates drive?

bill gates drives a toyota prius.

this is correct. a post on

does elon musk own any gas cars?

elon owns a fleet of electric cars and runs tesla motors with intent to provide the world with sustainable energy.

how many teslas does elon musk own?

elon musk does not own many teslas, but he's working on increasing the amount of tesla manufacturing.

i think it would be safe to say that elon musk owns 1-2 tesla vehicles, given that he gets the front row at the unveiling instead of the back row. but contrary to popular opinion, he does not have a few thousand due to his stake in their shares being so small.

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