What car is bumblebee in transformers 1

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what year camaro was bumblebee in transformers 1?

it was 1984

i'm sorry i can't share any new specific releases, but the camaro in transformers 1 is still widely available for purchase. the original 1984 chevrolet camaro often appears on toy shelves and will always be bumblebee. and while this answer might not please your autobot needs today, i hope it underscores how timeless good design is! ~john chadwick
moral of the story – buy classic! (automaton)

what car is bumblebee in transformers 1 at the start?

bumblebee is the autobot in question, and it's not specified which vehicle he is. however, fully expecting an answer to be forthcoming because there are 20-something bumblebees by the end of the transformers series. i did some digging around on google to get a better idea of what his original vehicle was imagined to be (couldn't find anything definitive but found some speculation). it seems that he may have been an early camaro prototype after being inspired by one when patrolling sunnyvale, california. as far as i can tell, this car does not exist beyond this brief glimpse in the movie so take any other answers with a little salt…or none at all if they're absurd 😉

what car is classic bumblebee?

the original transformer toy was always a modified volkswagen beetle.

bumblebee is one of the original six autobots to appear in the generation 1 cartoon, not counting optimus prime or megatron. the show's other autobots are prowl, bluestreak, ratchet, ironhide and wheeljack. these autobots are activated by three kids named spike witwicky, daniel witwicky, ramona rambeau and their caretaker carly spencer in an abandoned rocket factory near detroit. they later launch an assault on decepticon installations all over earth, but being non-violent children they have no intention of ever killing anyone! luckily for them cybertronian technology does that automatically for them:-)

what cars are in transformers 1?

there are many cars in the transformers movie, but i will only list the most significant ones.

mazda rx-8
porsche 911 turbo (996)
mercedes sl320
dodge viper srt10 coupe
toyota camry xle
aston martin v8 vantage convertible firetruck1 firetruck2 firetruck3, pontiac g6 .

the mazda rx-8 transforms into bumblebee. the porsche 911 turbo (996) transforms into prime's truck form. the mercedes sl320 transforms into jetfire's alternate mode with light up headlights that can detect enemies above ground or underwater to combat decepticons. the dodge viper srt

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