What do car trackers look like

They're usually small black boxes that mount to the vehicle or are hidden under the wheel well.

many trackers are portable and look like a small box that can be easily installed on any moving vehicle. there are also trackers designed for larger vehicles, such as rvs. if you have a recreational vehicle, simply attach securely with cable ties to the frame of the rv at various strategic locations around it for increased accuracy in scanning your movement. if you have an enclosed trailer depending on its size you'll want to install it inside outside of the trailer to get accurate readings.

how can you find out if your car has a tracker on it?

unless you're a car expert, the best way to find out if your car has a tracker is to have it checked. consider calling one of those full-service gas stations that offer checkups as part of their services.

here's how it works: the station helps you fill up and also gives your tires, fluids and exterior a once-over. when they do an oil change, they'll take note if anything under the vehicle seems atypical – like too much rust or low tire pressure. that can tip them off to whether or not someone may be tracking your car by checking its fluid levels at regular intervals without needing any invasive modification to it.”

where are trackers hidden on cars?

addresses the question with facts and figures about how many trackers are hidden on cars.

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