What do you need when buying a used car

1. carfax report
2. comprehensive block diagram + translate it (optional)
3. oil and smoke test (low values don't mean it's bad, but still important)
4. owner's manual or service history and usage info (mileage and maintenance intervals, etc.)
5. records of anything that has ever gone wrong with the car to find out what you're buying into if possible
6. warranty for any heavy duty repairs you want done before purchase
7a if safety is a concern, have an experienced mechanic check it out first or preferably take a pre-purchase inspection from someone legitimate who specializes in pre-owned cars so you really know what condition the car is

what documents should i get when buying a used car?

what is the first thing you do when buying a used car?

a used car can be a larger investment than a new vehicle, so knowing about the vehicle before you buy is important. you should research for blue book values of vehicles or visit k&n's website to find out how many people are interested in your make and model.

also, you will need to know if there are any recalls on your make and model (this information is available by searching the manufacturer). if there is no recall then go ahead with purchasing it; but if you run across one that includes airbags then consider running away quick! happy researching!

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