What does a car salesman make

I’ll save you the trouble of reading a ton of different answers on this site. in general, car salesman don’t make all that much money. the reason they behave so aggressively is because it is a commission based position and if they were to lower their commission or raise their prices they would have a hard time selling any cars at all.

in my experience as an employee at a large dealership these numbers seem about right:
sales associate hourly wage (includes commissions, raises with store growth): $10- 11/hr ($3k per month) sales manager hourly wage (includes commissions): $20/hr ($6k per month) regional sales director hourly wage (includes commissions): $40

do car salesmen make good money?

most people who excel at their job, whether they're a salesman or not, will make a decent living and enjoy the fruits of their labor.
some car salesmen struggle to break even. some car salesmen just quit because it's too much work for too little return. it varies from company to company and sales person to sales person, but i would say that there is no guarantee that someone will be viable in this profession.

do car salesmen get a base salary?

a car salesman's salary may be based on commission.

a car salesman's salary is often based on commission. the type of product varies from person to person, and so does the pay plan – some dealers choose to charge a flat fee for personalized service while others require no money down and offer incentive-based salaries. but in general, it's safe to say that many employees at a dealership would receive payment based on commissions or commissions alone.

can a car salesman make six figures?

it's possible, but it's really not likely. a salary of six figures in the automotive industry is more common within the managerial side of the field – where at least five years in the industry are required for promotion to upper positions. sales are often paid purely on commission starting around $30k per year, but at that point they can work their way up to six figures or higher with hard work and dedication. the average car salesman gets around 3 cents for every dollar their customers spend paying with a check, making most paychecks below $3000 per month.

what do car salesmen make per car?

a variety of factors can affect the cost to a car salesman. for instance, regional wage variations and cost of living differences will have an effect on earnings.

car salesmen in high-cost cities with relatively low wages, such as detroit, milwaukee, miami, phoenix and tampa bay are among the lowest paid at just $1144 per vehicle sold. however they are far from being the most expensive place to buy a new or used car with varying prices depending on where you live in these cities for example in new york city's manhattan district dealership workers make an average yearly salary between $20000-$30000 according to glassdoor prices can be higher or lower through negotiations between price against your trade-in so the total cost varies without

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