What does abs mean in a car

Abs is an acronym for antilock brakes, or anti-skid braking system.

is it safe to drive a car with abs light on?

answer: abs light is usually just one of many problems which pose a safety risk.

abs lights are typically paired with other engine warning lights, so it's wise to consult your manufacturer manual or call their customer service number for the error code. after diagnosis, abs-related services should be performed as soon as possible. that being said, abs deals with braking systems – even if you use cruise control and leave the vehicle in programming mode (in which you do not touch the brake), eliminating these warnings is probably irrelevant to driving safely and comfortably.

what can cause the abs light to come on?

the abs light comes on to let drivers know that there's a problem with the anti-lock braking system. this typically means one of three things: an electrical issue, a sensor is giving bad information or there's low brake fluid level and incorrect brake wear and deposits on either the front or back brakes.

most car abs systems rely on signals from speed sensors in order to tell what your speed is and your velocity. in rare instances, if something goes wrong with those sensors, then you may see the abs light come on. however, it more likely points to some other issues that could prove costly if not looked into right away.

some cars have been known for having hydraulic leaks which connect the master cylinder to the power valves

is abs warning light serious?

abs warning light is serious; when this light comes your way it means that the system in your car needs attention.
if you're in any doubt, simply get a visual inspection done by enlisting car experts to do a quick check and see what the problem might be. certain cases will require replacement of parts like hydraulic pump, but in other cases straightforward repairs can alleviate the warning light symptom for good!
incidentally, if you need an estimate on how much time and money this type of repair could cost you in advance, it's worth checking on sites like http://askmehelpdesk.com or http://cars.mn for some ball-park estimations first before taking on any more work on machinery (or even replacing

what to do if abs light comes on?

the abs control module recently attempted to apply the brake but didn't succeed. try to take it for a test drive to see if the light turns back off. if it still comes on, i recommend checking for air in your tire(s) or driving over something in the road. if nothing seems wrong, have an auto mechanic check out your brakes and abs system for you before driving any further!

behind nearly every red light that ever made you late is an abs (anti-lock brake system) that failed to do its job—successfully avoid skidding–and barreled into something at full speed. they're just about everywhere these days because they're cheap and effective, but they're near useless when one fails which

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