What does car wax do

Car wax protects the surface of your car from being scratched.

is it good to wax your car?

yes, it's good to wax your car because

it makes the paint look dazzling and shiny.
a thin layer of wax will make the paint protect itself from sand and other surface abrasives.
it can be repaired when it gets scratched or broken more easily than bare metal.
wax is a thin layer that can stand up against many of mother nature's elements such as water, sunlight, snow etc. these protection features means a new coat of wax will last almost three times longer than exposure to same elements without a protective coating. waxing does not just mean applying “just” on top of what already exists .. it also requires removing any residue or dirt for achieving even approximate smoothness and enhanced protection

how long does wax last on a car?

it depends, but it should last at least 12 months.

every car is different, so it's hard to give a definite answer without seeing the car first. knowing what kind of wax you're using can narrow down the answer slightly, as some need to be reapplied every 3 months while others are good for 12 months. there are also factors like mechanical use (driving in dirt or through wet conditions), harsh weather (humidity and sun) or any paint issues that could all shorten the lifespan of your wax job.

what i will say is that it's really not worth wasting money because you think you'll remember next time to reapply after three measly months because wax deteriorates slowly over time! the traditional recommendation

is waxing bad for car paint?

waxing car paint is not only bad for the paint, waxing will actually attract and hold onto road salt and dirt. which can form a film around your car and damage it.

also, wax isn't as protective as many people think it is. it simply seals in moisture so if your car is primarily parked outside or near salt-enriched areas such as parking lots, you might want to consider using an inexpensive off-the-shelf spray sealant which can double up as a tire dressing too!

why is it bad to wax your car?

waxing your car is bad because the wax contains petroleum which can block the pores on your car's surface.

also, if you are waxing the outside of the car on a hot summer day, then that petroleum-based product is going to sweat on everything in sight. the same goes for anything else that may be nearby when you're working with this kind of material. once it cools down, though, it returns to its grease form and gets left behind where it will continue being an environmental hazard or residue until something washes or scrapes it away. this also leads to the process of re-varnishing your vehicle's finish so extensively so quickly afterwards because all of these chemicals have only just been absorbed into/

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