What does current tag on a automobile mean

Today, they are most commonly part of a bumper sticker or advertisement
as an encasement for the car barcode
and they may have originated from somebody being tagged with paintballs

what does current tag number mean?

the current tag number is the number of tags you've created. anyone who creates a new tag will automatically get the lowest available tag number.

the higher your current tag number, the longer it's been since you last created a new one. so when you were told that someone else had 9 more than you, they have not create any new tags for several days while yours are being generated every time somebody clicks on your name in

what does tag mean on car?

the term “tag” or “license tag” is used to refer to the metal identification plate on a car. this tag contains an alphabetic prefix (a, b, c…) and numeric suffix (1-9999).
it is affixed to the chassis of every car registered in most states in america, including michigan. tags are printed with black ink by plugging-in text onto fields within an aluminum die struck with registering holes.
license tags are now stamped at local registration offices versus having them stamped at the gas station; this changes both the look and security features of these plates.
license tags outside of michigan typically use blue lettering instead of black on white reflecting material over a painted background. these license plates

what are the tags on a car called?

there are several different suspension systems suspension, and hence there can be any number of “tags.” the tag on a car that's relevant to the question would be the vehicle identification number (vin) or series code. for example, audi numbers its cars by chassis type and year:
there is an even more detailed article about it here: “to decipher your audi vehicle identification number”.

the article i linked contains information not found in this response. it should also be noted that many excellent, thorough explanations of vins and their specific meanings exist on webpages. we apologize for not being able to cover all those topics with our response today. if you have any additional questions about your audi rollerskates, please contact

what does transfer tag mean?

a transfer tag (also called “a quick switch”) in american football is a report by the referee, in accordance with an agreed-upon convention within that league, to indicate that one team has assumed possession.

have you ever been watching a game where players are constantly running around the field trying to find the ball? what do you think happens when there's no clear possession of it? the referee comes over and waves his hand over their heads three times consecutively which indicates the old team doesn't have possession anymore. this is called a ‘transfer tag.' when this occurs, another player from the new team tries to steal once again.

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