What does it mean to total a car

It means to divide the value of the car's parts by the value of its original sticker price.

so if you had a drive train with no illumination or exterior hardware, and your factory mats without any dog hair on them, it would be really expensive for someone else to either find replacement parts for these items, which are now rare since they were discontinued by chrysler in 2009 due to poor sales performance across all segments-due largely in part because of their incompetent marketing strategy. fortunately there is still hope for this model as that same year development began on plans for an entirely new vehicle they called the c1x1j ixgx irga so they can resell more cars here.

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what does it mean to total your car?

to total a car means you have paid out of pocket for it to be completely repaired.

totaling is the result of an insurance company agreeing to pay full value for your vehicle's repairs, but not being able to do so. it would entail writing your car off, and starting over with a new one. they may sometimes rebuild your vehicle as well if they are unable to find another one that matches what yours was before the crash. when an automobile is totaled it has undergone substantial physical damage due to collision or vandalism resulting in total loss or salvage status, respectively, per others wikipedia article on totaled car meaning | automobile insurance definitions]
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can you keep your car if it's totaled?

no, you cannot.

in a situation where a vehicle is deemed a total loss, its salvage value lowers to the point that the cost of repairing the vehicle exceeds 80 percent of it's determined value before insurance or grant assistance. in your circumstances i'm sorry to say that means yes. there are many factors insurers consider in determining car resale value after an accident and they depend on make and model, miles driven per year and condition of other items involved… but if their decision were based solely on calculating risk it would have been around $1,000 for them to deem it not worth insuring at all. the fact that your insurance policy has paid out more than that amount shows you just how close a call this was for us

is it better to repair or total a car?

at different points, it's better to repair or total the car. for example, if your car is sitting in a junkyard and still functioned well, it would be better for you to repair the car. if anything goes wrong within the next few years (like accident or even oil leaks), then it will be much more expensive than repairing.

what causes a car to total?

a car is totaled if it has suffered either $16,000 or 50% of its pre-accident value of depreciation.

your car's deprecation rate is usually expressed as the percentage of its market value per year. if you bought your new car for $40,000 and had five years left on the warranty – which would make your deprecation rate 20% per year before say what accident or other damage may occur – then it might be valued at only $32,400 ($40,000 x 80%) after an accident that cost you another $7200 – assuming nothing else happened to the vehicle. this means that your total damages are equal to or greater than 57% ($7200 / ($8000-$

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