What does it mean when you dream about someone getting in a car accident

Dreams about car accidents are most often interpreted as being a warning from your higher self. whenever you deviate from the path of righteousness, it is sometimes reflected in your dreams by an accident or other “wake up” call to put yourself back on track so that you can receive more love and prosperity with whatever goal you're striving for. to decipher the dream, pay attention to who is driving the car–the driver may be a personification of a microcosmic aspect of yourself that makes bad decisions. what's going on outside the vehicle is also important–slow traffic may indicate slowed energy, but major roadblocks with gridlock might signify major obstacles encountered with life pursuits right now. two popular interpretations include those which offer lessons

what does it mean when you have a dream about someone getting in a car accident?

the interpretation of this dream depends on whether the person in the dream got hurt or not. in other words, it could be a sign that you're worried about something that might happen to that person in real life.
in your case, it sounds like you're concerned that someone from your close circle will have an accident soon. dreams about car accidents often point to a concern for a loved one- the idea being that the unconscious mind may use this imaginary scene as a coping mechanism to allow one's primal needs and urges free rein- while simultaneously numbing oneself to thoughts of what would really happen if such thoughts were entertained consciously!
this is just my opinion, but i feel confident enough based on these facts alone to tell you definitively:

what does it mean when you see an accident in your dream?

the first and most common sign that you're dreaming is to be transported into a new location. if you're in the hospital and then suddenly wake up in your own bedroom, or if you're at work one minute and then find yourself surrounded by familiar school hallways the next, it's likely that you've already awakened from sleep (more on this later).

but what about those dreams where nothing seems to change? what does an accident dream mean? this type of dream often occurs for people who are focused on trying to control their thoughts or actions during their waking hours. because they spend so much time hyper-aware of potential dangers and catastrophes during the day, this becomes translated into a foreshadowing of these events

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