What does liability car insurance cover

There are many different types of liability car insurance, and each policy varies on what it covers.
liability coverage usually protects an insured person against damage to property or injury caused to other people on the road (and not including the cost of repairs for their own vehicle) and medical payments due to bodily injury.

moreover, many insurance providers offer different types of policies that cover specific losses that arise from accidents such as fire and vandalism; while some coverage is provided with liability auto insurance, recipients should explore all avenues before assuming a particular amount or type of protection is included in a basic policy. thus, it is important for an individual interested in average rates to shop around before determining which plan bests suits their needs.
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what is covered in liability auto insurance?

the term liability insurance originally referred to one's responsibility for damage inflicted on someone through the use of a vehicle.

it was often used when discussing auto insurance to denote how much protection it offered in such cases. recently, however, the term is sometimes used to refer more broadly to any general liability coverage that may be available in a given situation and can also include additional specialized insurance coverage such as renter's or homeowner's liability policy in addition to an auto liabilty policy.”

does liability insurance cover my car if someone hits me?

this can vary. many policies provide coverage if you're hit by another vehicle, but not all cover the same types of accidents.

if your policy covers an accident that takes place on private property, it most likely does not apply here because someone cannot claim responsibility for their own car hitting an unattended vehicle. some companies do offer this type of coverage however so be sure to check with your specific company for details before agreeing to a new contract or switching carriers.

what coverage is liability only?

liability only coverage protects the insured property from losses to property and vehicle. not-responsible, collision, comprehensive or medical payments can be changed at any time.

some people purchase liability only coverage because they feel that the cost of fully covered insurance is too expensive for what they drive and own. however, many experts advise against this choice because products liability and medical benefits are provided in most states and may provide an additional layer of safety when needed most. liability only coverage provides for minimal protection when it comes to bodily injury or death during an accident you’re responsible for

when should you only have liability insurance on your car?

when you know how to drive
you're a good driver with low accident rates and good coverage for liability. you drive another car's car with liability insurance, or you don't really care about the outcome of what happens in an accident.
if we venture out further past your personal vehicle (e.g., rented cars), it might even make more sense to only insure your belongings, like the clothes on your back, instead of both things at full cost expense. and if you really need to see people suffer after an accident does happen, then go ahead and purchase total coverage for everything… but no one actually needs that kind of hell on earth destruction in their life… not even hell itself exists without love <3

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