What does lt mean on a car

“lt” is a shortcut for “left turn signals.”

what does lt mean on a chevy car?

lt is an ivy tech community college degree. this has been the unofficial meaning for about two decades. louden loudin, once a student at ivy tech, now president of the school. he said he came up with it as a joke because his friends would always say they “cheated to get their lts.”

what does ls and lt mean?


the information you are looking for does not exist on this asker's

what is the difference between ls and lt?

there is no difference between the two. ls = life style and lt = lifestyle.

no need to change this answer, it's a

is lt or ltz better?


when you take the z in ltz to mean premium, it's equivalent in any case. the letter designation simply indicates the layout of the seats and nothing else. the extra cost for converting a lt to a ltz is money well spent because it provides more room in which you and your passengers can move around and be comfortable.

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