What does the american automobile association do

When a driver signs up for membership with the aa, one of their most popular benefits is roadside assistance. this includes free towing for members and members' family when they're on a trip covered by insurance, free service fare if your car breaks down far from home, and even an emergency repair service that will pick you up in town or at work even on saturdays.
common car insurance problems that the aaa supports include coverage for uninsured motorists protection against injuries from an automobile accident.

the american automobile association also provides a group purchase program where you can get great discounts on hotels all over north america, rental cars of international travel options, offshore fishing trips and air charter vacations all over the world.
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what is aaa known for?

aaa is short for the american automobile association.

the american automobile association (aaa) provides roadside assistance, insurance, travel agency services, membership offers, automotive products and services. the organization also publishes consumer road maps of the u.s., canada and mexico. every year they distribute more than 2 million emergency jump-starters to members who lock their keys in their car or find themselves out of gas on a roadside off-ramp with no cell phone coverage. they also offer discounts on hotels through its partnership with expedia's booking engine for reservations made online at www.aaa.com
within minutes of arriving at a reservation page so that customers can lock in discounted rates before check-in deadlines or airfare increases

what kind of business is aaa?

aaa stands for the american automobile association. it is one of many organizations that issues “advisory” or ratings on vehicles intended to help consumers make decisions about the quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness of automobiles.

aaa provides numerous services for their members including roadside assistance in the case of a car breakdown or other mechanical troubles, reimbursement for repairs if repairs are needed after an accident that were not covered by insurance, support in lodging investment when buying new cars when fleet pricing isn't available elsewhere. aaa can also provide travel discounts when booking flights online with participating airlines.

what services does aaa offer?

the american automobile association (aaa) was founded in 1902 and has become the largest motor club in america. their organization works to protect its members including services like roadside assistance, lost membership cards, emergency locksmiths, etc. aaa provides their members with travel-related tips like hotel ratings and reservations. they also provide comparative international driving records for all 50 us states to help drivers get an accurate estimate of how long it will take them to drive between destinations on unfamiliar highways abroad. the information is mined from users who have provided their own locally recorded times so you can see how long it would take if you were coming or going anywhere in america every day of the year!
a list of services offered includes: selecting a vacation destination

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