What does the odometer of an automobile measure

The odometer is a device which measures the distance, in either kilometers or miles, that a vehicle has been driven.

the word odometer comes from the greek words “odos” meaning “distance” and meta for “to measure”. most cars built in the last 100 years have an odometer. older cars do not have one because they can't calculate what number goes with a certain distance traveled. today people use computers to tell them how many miles they've driven.

what does the odometer of an automobile measure class 9?

the odometer of an automobile measures mileage.

the main function the odometer serves is to measure the total distance traveled by an automobile, also known as “miles traveled” or “odometer readings.” this reading is important for estimating when other major tasks should be accomplished on that vehicle (i.e., like getting new tires). the other value that the odometer might give you would be for your personal interest; if you want to know how many miles your car has been driven since it was sold, then you can take the number off of an old odometer and multiply by 50 (the average life span of a car).

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what does the odometer of an automobile measure 1?

it measures the distance driven by an automobile.

measuring the odometer of a vehicle is commonly referred to as mileage measurement. it tells you how far the car has travelled since it was originally driven off the lot. the odometer also displays miles per gallon, calculated based on fuel consumption and number of gallons.
a common mistake made by motorists is that they think that tracking miles means more gasoline, or less fuel efficiency for their car, when in fact this should not matter at all so long as people are filling up regularly with gas to save money.

what does the odometer of an vehicle measure?

it measures the total distance traveled by the vehicle.

odometer is a measure of how far your car or motorcycle has driven. you can't track time with an odometer, so you'll need to use separate metrics for that. one might also say “miles” instead of “mileage”. mileage, for our purposes here at

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