What does the reaction of the drivers of the wrecked automobile suggest about the values of


the reaction of the drivers suggests that they are likely overwhelmed by guilt, especially since they were unable to save their companion. research has suggested various risk factors for post-traumatic stress disorder among emergency personnel, but one factor is high exposure to events with no positive outcome. this type of event is often more difficult on emergency personnel than catastrophes with higher turnout. several different paths can cause ptsd symptoms including child abuse history or an individual's age when living through a traumatic event (e.g., childhood). younger children who live through trauma tend to show increased rates of depression/anxiety disorders and even psychotic disorders whereas older children suffer from mostly anxiety disorders.
treatment for ptsd complications usually has four phases; phasing in the

what does the reactions of the drivers of the wrecked car suggest about the values of gatsby's guests?


there's no way to know what the drivers thought in these situations, and with no context, it is impossible to answer this question accurately.

why does the driver of the wrecked car at first think they stopped the great gatsby?

the driver must have been traumatized by the event and this trauma can create a confusion of memories. plus, he has a deep appreciation for the value of life and knows what a tragic loss it would be to die in that manner.

trauma from the car wreck may have caused the man to experience post traumatic stress disorder [ptsd]. the potentially temporary [but probably not considering his level of distress] disorder is characterized mainly by intrusive, disturbing thoughts about traumatic events that recur many times. in addition, there's usually increased emotional arousal including an increased startle reflex or sudden leap in heart rate when exposed to triggers related to the event or other frightening situations. this all sounds like ptsd…yet because ptsd induced memories are

what happened to the car that the drunk people were driving great gatsby?

alas, poor car. that's a good question. the driver in all likelihood lost his/her driver's license and was suspended from driving for a certain number of months or years, depending on the severity of their drunkenness at the time to how much he or she hurt someone else. in addition to any legal punishment meted out by law enforcement, they're probably going to have trouble with their insurance company too because insurers tend not to take kindly when people make a claim after an accident caused while driving drunk. and, if there were passengers in the car who were injured due to the drivers negligent state at the time of driving…they'll be able to bring separate liability lawsuits against anyone involved in this vehicular debacle too

what is the significance of the owl eyed man in chapter 3?

the “owl eyed” man is a very significant part of this chapter. there are many interpretations of his significance, one being that he represents wisdom and caution.
he appears three times, and the first time (coming to visit and offer council) his warnings result in no real obstacles arising during the second two visits (although tarzan does take precautions as a result). this might imply that if we listen to those around us who offer wisdom, we will be rewarded easily. but beware! if you don't take this warning as well as others seriously– such as closed doors or armed men– you may risk facing grave danger. as human beings, taking care is paramount because it can save lives and protect our communities from harm! these three

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