What does the reaction of the drivers of the wrecked automobile

A typical reaction to the wrecked automobile includes shock, denial, anger, and eventual acceptance. this usually takes place within seconds of seeing the new environment around them. the time it takes for these individuals to adjust spiritually is long; sometimes taking days or weeks to digest all that has happened.

what does the reaction of the drivers of the wrecked automobile outside of gatsby's house at the end of his party suggest about the values of gatsby's guests?

the reaction of the drivers of the wrecked automobile outside of gats
gats is just a hypothetical scenario. there are no wrecks in real life. cars are designed to minimize injury, yet every vehicle on the road has accidents – but most collisions will not cause serious injuries or death.
japanese cars remain some of the safest today with their advanced safety systems, even though they have higher center of gravity on average compared to german cars which generally have lower centers-of-gravity.
the passenger space on japanese cars is narrower than german cars making more likely that an outfalling motorist would be incapacitated by their own airbag or someone else's headrest, versus being thrown from it as in some car collisions involving frontal impacts

what does the reaction of the drivers of the wrecked automobile suggest about the values of gatsby's guests in chapter 3?

something the driver is doing, or not doing, causes them to crash.

the most likely explanation for this kind of accident is that they are drinking and driving. drunk drivers will usually either crash into an object in front of them, or if there is nothing in their path they will turn too quickly at a corner and hit something on the side of the road or another vehicle coming from that direction.

why does the driver of the wrecked car at first think they stopped the great gatsby?

it is unclear why the driver of the wreck car at first thought they stopped the great garbage patch.

the great garbage patch is not an infinite mass of plastic trash. much like our own home cities, it's made up of “garbage villages” that are much more compact than you might think. the trash concentration in these villages grows quite large, because land-based debris obstacles prevent movement to other areas. for this reason, even if we were to magically transport all the coastal plastics into deeper water where there is less marine life it would still be an ongoing task to return these waters to their original condition – plastics never rot away!

what was nick's reaction to the car accident?

nick was lucky to survive the car accident, despite having suffered substantially damaging injuries.
he had subsequently experienced significant pain due to the damage done to his body. however, after undergoing successful rehabilitation treatment he has been able to resume normal life with his family and friends.
this incident inspired him in many ways – particularly the realization that every day is an opportunity for something great.
he also became much more diligent about staying active all day, not just within his work hours, but by making walking a part of his daily routine. his experience has taught him that living life at 80% has no comparison next time he's 100%.
it shows us all how important it is keep moving- both physically and mentally – so you can stay fit

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