What does the s mean in a car

Advanced stability control (asc)

what does s stand for in car models?

the letter s in car models stands for sports. it usually appears alone on the back of a car with “se” or “sxe.” this lets you know that it's not only an affordable car, but also an exciting ride to take on the highway.

what does s mean on a car gear shift?

a gear shift showing an s is called a “parking” gear. the shifting to this position disengages the engine from the wheels, making it impossible to move the car.

provided by new york institute of technology

what is d and s in automatic car?

d and s in automatic car stands for “driving mode” and is usually labeled on the gear selector. below you can see two different models of cars with different labels, depending on the brand and year:

civic (2012): d (drive) – push to park; p (parking/neutral/out of gear)

camry (2016): d (drive mode) when the dash display indicates “ready” after starting engine, release brake pedal to switch off engine; s (sport-shift.) when in manual mode, ‘p' shifts gears up into higher range. when in automatic mode, this selects drive. the sport mode gives a slight performance boost for more spirited driving maneuvers.

is s mode bad for your car?


when you accelerate, the car's weight transfers to the front of the chassis causing the rear wheels to lose grip. s mode allows that weight transfer to happen with less force, which is better for your suspension and tires because they take less of a torsional load (and conversion efficiency) during use.

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