What does vsc mean in a car

it then sends a signal to the engine throttle, automatic transmission, various braking systems, and variable gear time (when necessary), slowing down one of the wheels while keeping power applied to the other one. this helps maintain directional stability in slippery conditions when it's easier for a car to lose traction going in any given direction due to differences in grip between different parts of its tyre contact patch with different surfaces. if you

is it safe to drive with vsc light on?

yes. however, driving with vsc light on is not recommended and should only be performed when necessary, such as in rough road conditions or poor weather. when you engage the vsv system it can reduce engine power and ability to quickly stop your car. the vsv system reduces the engine's power earlier than abs does so people tend to think that it takes longer for their car to stop when they activate the vsc system.
the vsc light indicates that your vehicle stability control system is trying to help you maintain control of your vehicle by reducing engine performance under certain circumstances. this light will typically come on occasionally during normal driving but may stay on more often under harsh braking conditions or on slippery surfaces where traction becomes an issue –

what does it mean when the vsc light comes on?

the vehicle stability control light illuminates in the instrument cluster when there is an issue with one of these systems. the diagnostic codes are stored in the computers records to pinpoint the exact problem. if the light stays on after it initially came on, see your dealer for service.

how do i fix my vsc light?

the most common problem with a vsc light is an intermittently operating vsc speed sensor.

normally, when the computer commands the vehicle to change from 5th gear to 2nd gear, it tells the ecm (engine control module) how fast the driver is slowing down. if this sensor does not operate properly., it can cause a “flickering” or “bouncing” in engine rpm at low speeds that you might then see as a loss of power and a flashing of your check engine light in your dash which would correspond to a code p0700 for tcm malfunction.
a dtc code will be set if one of our diagnostic tools detects the problem, but no warning lights will appear on your dash

how do i turn my vsc back on?

follow this link to get direction for your specific vehicle.
it is best to consult a trustworthy mechanic who will be able to guide you through the process of turning off and back on your vehicle's cruise control. you may also search our database below. it includes articles on turning off and on the vehicle’s cruise control, and how-to videos that can be of assistance if you're not sure which video corresponds with your car:

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