What drains a car battery

Driving are the main cause of a car's battery drain. removal of the battery do to dust or corrosion will also bring about a drain in power.

the modern electron has an amazing storage capacity. a typical lead acid battery can potentially discharge overl 800 times, but the rate depends on the type and quality of battery that is used. the storage capacity can be improved with special additives, but what determines how well a lead acid cell performs is its discharge properties-both at light load (i.e., driving) and full load (subjecting it to high intensity currents). lead acid batteries are designed for this duty cycle; they provide their best performance when discharged intermittently rather than extensively for prolonged periods without charging (such as years

what can drain a car battery when the car is off?

when the car is off, nothing can drain a car battery.

unless it's very cold outside, gravity will make the battery fill with electrolyte solution- not water. therefore no air bubbles are introduced to weaken connection points on the quick connect terminals of your battery preventing you from starting the engine. even if it's winter and there isn't any moisture in that solvent or acid then this damage would be very unlikely due to weight placed on top of the battery during use which forces all liquids downward against gravity. there are people who would argue that vibrations from nearby traffic could introduce weak spots but i'm assuming many of these “experts” have never examined cars after hearing complaints about drained batteries so they don't know what they're really

how do i know if my alternator is draining my battery?

one way to ensure that your alternator isn't draining your battery is to check the voltage on each. your alternator should put out about 14 volts, and with a fully-charged battery, voltage will be somewhere around 12-13 volts with little fluctuation.

another good test for an uncharging battery is touching the positive or negative terminal of the car battery without any other metal on you (as grounding yourself). if touching either terminal connects an electric shock to you, there's a large chance that your alternator needs repair.

it's worth noting that an under-voltage condition can also derive from low power loading (one idea would be little use of headlights), too high resistance in wires between two components (‘

what causes a car battery to die quickly?

the most common causes for a battery to die quickly are that it's not being charged enough or there is a problem with the alternator. if you're having trouble charging your battery, check out this article to learn how to maintain your car battery.

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how do you stop a car battery from draining when not in use?

a car battery should never be left unless it's necessary to do so. it needs to stay charged during this time, though there are several methods of getting rid of any leaks before the charge gets too low. one way is to pour distilled water across the posts on top of the battery or lower electrode area and replace for one or two hours before disconnecting. another way is to use baking soda which neutralizes acid buildup around the cells, while also conserving electrolyte levels.

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