What effects has the automobile had on the american society

The automobile is not only a tool for getting around, but also an agent of change in american society. it has had a significant effect on the dietary and living habits in america due to decreased dependence on public transportation and increased reliance on automobiles. the car is also responsible for both increased mobility and decreased population density in rural areas along with suburbanization of the u.s., which has created zones that are more segregated according to race, ethnicity, or social class than they might otherwise be without such geographical separation (how would we know?!)(we wouldn't).

it is unequivocally true that cars have caused americans to become less physically active because of all the time spent inside vehicles behind steering wheels instead of walking/biking/running

what was the impact of the automobile on american society?

the automobile provided a means for americans to buy and consume more, by car ownership being a sign of wealth. the car led to the suburbs, which also contributed to the rise in distance traveled between work and home. it's been estimated that at its peak, one-fifth of all american cars were transporting just one person. and with increased distance comes less exercise. with vehicle dependence came less walking from place to place, which can lead to obesity as well as lowered social interaction among citizens who don't speak their neighbors' language or have similar interests or backgrounds. in short, it's been claimed that “the ‘car society' increases insecurity and alienation.”

how significant was the motor car as a cause of changes in us society in the 1920s?

the motorcar changed american lifestyle in many different ways. for one, it allowed for moves to happen much more often than was possible before the creation of this machine, which led to people migrating far away from their home towns and staying where they liked best. this ‘life on the road' mentality attracted many writers, artists, and thinkers during the 1920s that would not have otherwise made it into public life due to geographic limitations. the car also aided in land development very quickly by offering jobs in both agriculture and construction- putting people closer together than ever before. moreover, cars led america down a dangerous path of individualism instead of communal thinking because there was no need for drivers to say hello anymore when they passed each other on the

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