What engine does my car have

You can't really tell just by looking.

how do i find out what engine is in my car?

engines are classified by the system of their application, including whether six-cylinder engines are used in either passenger cars or on trucks.

the engine family has many variations, so it's hard to identify the exact type of engine just from its specifications. the best way to identify what you have is by checking our list of commonly equipped factory engines for your vehicle model. contact an experienced technician at your closest dealership for this information if your vehicle isn't listed on our site or if you don't know where to get help finding that information.

*don't forget that 2nd 2nd generation camaro's are serious fire hazards! always keep up on maintenance and oil changes!

will my vin number tell me what engine i have?

a vin number only tells the engine's manufacturer and what model (most likely) you have.

there are 13 locations on a car that will not reveal who made your car. these locations do not identify the maker of the car because they could equally be used for any other product:
1) drivebelt cover under front hood – where small metal bits and dust accumulate all over (also found in many trucks)
2) lower left corner of inside ceiling on driver's side
3) front bumper trim – behind signal lights, hidden area
4) accessory belt coiled up on pulley at bottom of radiator hose row-another place where dirt accumulates while cars sit unused while awaiting inspections (lr

how do i find my engine number?

you can find the engine number in a couple of different places. the easiest way for most people is to search google, or another search engine, for your car's vin. once you have the number, it should be easy to find in a database site like known-carsearch.com .

what is my engine code from reg?

this site doesn't know your engine

it's like asking, “what is my make and model of car?” on the skoda forum. it will be difficult for people on there to help you with that question. you'll need to make it easier on them by narrowing down some details first (what state are you in?, what size of engine?). leave some info like this out — any part of your post that isn't essential for answering the question — to increase the chance that an answer will be given; people always seem more willing to try if they don't feel it'll take too long or require too much work. again, no one knows your engine reg – so share some information about what type would would be good enough

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