What gas stations accept synchrony car care

Our car care locations accept synchrony. to find an investor near you please visit the synchrony car care website .

what gas stations take synchrony car care?

the list of gas stations that currently take synchrony car care is limited. to find the locations near you, please visit this link: https://synchronycarcare.com/locations/.

can i use my synchrony car care card for gas?

yes, you can use the car care card for gas purchases at any time and with no notice required. you can purchase as much as your card will allow. if you have a synchrony high-interest savings account, you'll earn a higher rate on your cash balance while it's not being used to fuel your vehicle. so, if you have eligible expenses two weeks from now to put on the card, those funds will be available by then or whenever they're needed.
it was just created because of how popular program cards are becoming in our society today. some people find it more convenient since there's no need to settle up each month and just pays for all their car care needs in one payment every 24 months (*

can i use my synchrony car care card at walmart?

you most certainly cannot use your synchrony car care card at walmart.

it is not possible to pay anywhere other than a discount retailer with your synchrony car care card. walmart is not a discount retailer and does not carry the items required for the synchrony plan participants to meet their car care needs, including gas gift cards or car care products such as antifreeze, oil filter, wiper blades etc.
synchrony will only allow you to redeem one gift card redemption per service transaction in store and they do not offer cash back when using these cards for purchases of items that are not on the list of accepted products under “terms and conditions” that can be found here: https://www2.

does midas accept synchrony car care?

it is possible to trade midas gift cards for future services at the specified dealership.

if you would like to use your midas gift card, please contact your nearest store location. they will be more than happy to assist you in determining which forms of payment they accept and the process for redeeming your card for services. for pre-paid service inquiries, stop by or call the service department to speak with one of our professional team members today! thank you!

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