What happens if you don\’t have car insurance

If you don't have car insurance, then you risk being faced with a very high cost for your vehicle's repairs.

what happens if i have no car insurance?

as long as you're not driving the car, having insurance is perfectly legal.

this is because under those circumstances, your care is not “in operation.” and that's what the law cares about – actually being in operation with a vehicle at any given moment. if you plan on letting someone else use your car and you want to make sure they have coverage, it makes sense to let them know beforehand and make them aware of this exemption too. this may sound like we're hemming and hawing with words here, but legally speaking it's important to understand how this concept applies. in most cases of people who are without car insurance for some reason or other, they don't have a driver's license or access to a vehicle

is it a crime to not have car insurance?

it can be. the law and regulations differ depending on the state and many times, the type of insurance actually matters as well.

consequences depend on at least three specific factors: 1) where you live; 2) what kind of car insurance policy you chose; 3) whether your not carrying a license (that is, technically speaking, it's illegal to drive without a license).

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