What happens when your car is stolen then found

Fortunately, someone should be notified within three days of the car being registered as stolen. if you do not have an anti-theft device installed then the police will also be notified.
your chances of having your vehicle returned are between 30% – 40%. an officer can pick up your stolen vehicle for free, but if they're unable to locate it, the driver may end up paying a few hundred dollars in removal fees. the best way to protect yourself from high rates is by installing an anti-theft device. anything can happen without one! with one, there's no need to worry about what could go wrong again because everything possible has already been prepared for you… peace of mind at its finest! no other product

what to do when you find your stolen car?

the first thing you should do is document the vehicle identification number (vin), year, make, model and color. next, take pictures of the car—inside and outside. lastly, fill out an accident report form with your legal name, address (and phone number) as well as any passengers in the car. this information will be used to file a police report—come prepared with all necessary information for filing this report.

if you elect to go directly to the police station please print three copies of this car theft affidavit (feel free to provide feedback after using it), sign each copy in front of a notary public or other person authorized by law to witness signatures – have the witnesses notarize one copy per page then

what happens when your car is recovered?

first it needs to be cleaned, which can cost up to $300.
shortly after being recovered the tow truck driver will offer you a deal for getting your car back. it's best not to engage in negotiations until you have contacted your insurance company.
do not take the tow truck driver's word that your car is ready or whatever they are doing is sufficient. contact your insurance company first before accepting anything from them because that could void coverage! make sure to also ask for their name and license number so you can find out if they are registered with the department of consumer affairs–it's required by law.
if it happens in parking areas, make sure to verify the signs are posted, tow truck drivers cannot remove cars parked in

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