What is a automobile

In other words, it's a government-controlled vehicle.

what does automobile mean?

automobile is a common layperson's term for vehicles that would more accurately be described as “an automobile” or “a car”. these vehicles can also be called a horseless carriage, especially in an antique context, because the first cars were not used by post-horse farmers.

what are the types of automobile?

there are four types of automobiles – bicycle, automobile, motorcycle and truck.

the bicycle is still the most popular form of transportation because it's cheap to buy, easy to ride and enforces good personal health. the cycles are typically equipped with three to six gears that work by moving pedals attached to chains that turn the front wheel to propel you forward like a bicycle. motorcycles or “mopeds” (sometimes known as “pedal-assist cycles), on the other hand, only have two wheels but they're lighter because they don't need an inner tube to give them shape. they go faster than bicycles and require less pedaling effort due largely in part because they use engines for power instead of an individual's legs to

is an automobile a car?

a car is a self-propelling motor vehicle used for transporting people, animals, or goods. cars were powered by engines that use fuel or electric motors.

near synonyms are “auto”, “automobile”, and/or “carriage”. the word for the paving on which cars travel is road. and if you can't drive it yourself because you don't have a driver's license, then it's called an automobile because someone else will be driving you in your vehicle.

what is a automobile and how does it work?

a car is a vehicle that moves on wheels. the car has one or more pedal that when pressed down will turn the driveshaft in the engine block, which in turn rotates the crankshaft. the action of rotating the crankshaft drive belts within their pulleys to cause motion (i.e., turning) of other shafts to power other parts which make up different components necessary for movement (e.g., like brakes).

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