What is a car wrap

a car wrap is a sticker or vinyl that covers an entire vehicle, usually the sides and top(s) of your car. generally, it has a high-resolution print designed to match the color palette of your business. it’s a great way to promote your business on the go!

what is the point of wrapping your car?

paint is a well-known substance that oxidizes–meaning it spontaneously darkens and deteriorates due to exposure to the environment. in the 1970s, bmw became one of the world's first car manufacturers to use a waterborne paint finish on its cars. this technology proved very successful for ships and buildings, but it wasn't long before rusting took hold on exposed rocker panels and seams under sills. the solution? paint canvas wrap that was uv-coated to prevent further deterioration from exposure to sunlight as part of painting operations steps so the paint could dry effectively with no immediate risk of oxidation or other forms of degradation.

nowadays vinyl wraps are typically applied as an alternative protective step over localised areas

how long does a wrap last on a car?

15000 miles

a car wrap is applied to the outside of a vehicle just like paint, so it can experience wear and tear. there are specific points on the exterior of your vehicle where durability will last longer. dash panels, front fender wells, rocker panels, pillars/c-pillars are all common spots for car wraps to be applied. if you have any additional questions about this please contact our experts via email ([email protected]) or call us at 1-888-234-5800 ext 2246 during business hours! thank you!

why you shouldn't wrap your car?

you don't need to wrap your car. a new windshield is a better form of protection for your car.
you can find that there are many companies who provide one very good and reliable services and it won't be expensive as well.
conclusion: it's not necessary to wrap your car, but you might want to go with the safer option of getting a new windshield if the cracks seem too deep or extreme.

do vehicle wraps damage your car?

vehicle wraps can damage a car if not applied according to the manufacturer's instructions. they also need to be reapplied on a regular basis or they will peel off.

vehicle wraps, as opposed to decals, are designed specifically for the curvature of your vehicle. this makes them very difficult and challenging to apply correctly from head-on angles, at least without someone else helping you as instructed by the manufacturer. there is also a consideration of whether or not your brand is transparent enough on light or dark cars, and how it shows up in different surroundings with different lighting conditions (i.e., does it show up clearly during the evening hours?). as such we recommend that wrap specialists applying any vehicle wrap always inform clients about these

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