What is a classic car

A classic car is a vehicle showing a degree of quality, taste and/or social standing greater than the usual.
the concept of a “classic” car (or other thing) varies from country to country. in the united states, an automotive or motorcycle design can be considered as “classic” as early as teenage years; however many european countries such as france and italy applies this term only to those automotive designs that are at least 25-30 years old. the depth and longevity of american culture causes its bubble and craze-based inclinations to persist for much longer than in europe, resulting in products like coca cola glass bottles still being consumerized around the world today while sordid affairs like new coke were short lived controversies

what year is considered a classic car?

that's a tricky question with no one single answer.

if you're looking for an exhaustive list of car ages – check out the wikipedia article on automobiles by year. if you want to know when was the last time cars were built that can still command significant prices, which is more than just about any recent model year, you would need to do some very extensive research on your own. but if my understanding is correct then most people refer to 1978-1980 as “classic years” or “golden years”. cars made during this period are considered classics because they were the last high-performance full size cars available before emission regulations removed many aspects needed for performance driving, transmission gear lever replaced by push buttons, etc. this

what is an example of a classic car?

examples of classic cars can range from a 1932 ford model b “box” as the oldest to a 1941 chevrolet as the newest.

oldest current know date is 1891 or 1896 depending on source. indian motorcycle company opened it's doors and started producing motorcycles that year and were then eventually bought out by harley davidson in 1943, still gracing us with their bikes we love today! (links to their wikipedia page).

specific examples would really depend on what your budget is and what you're looking for – do you like italian sports cars like lamborghini? racing maserati's? the little firecracker called pagani zonda r!? what about classic american luxury; do you enjoy touring around town in style with

is a 20 year old car an antique?


the term “antique” has a specific, legal meaning. if you want to refer to an older car as an antique, you'll need to find out if there is any age distinction for this type of vehicle in the law where the car is registered. once we know that we can determine whether or not your 20-year-old vehicle is considered antique and potentially eligible for some special consideration and/or exemptions from registration and titling fees associated with more modern cars.
in states like wisconsin, where i am licensed to practice law, there are no distinctions between different types of automobiles based on their year model alone under the law – but keep in mind that antique cars may be subject to limitations on driving time

are vehicles over 25 years old tax exempt?


vehicles are not automatically exempt from paying taxes. the classification of a vehicle as “collectible” is determined by the same criteria that inform potential buyers' decisions about whether or not to buy it – years left until collector's value, condition, paperwork, rarity, engine mileage and originality insurance valuation. taxable status does not cover all categories of vehicles – there are trucks and buses for example that many collectors prefer because they're more valuable that way. so mopeds always qualify even if they're new; lawnmowers don't unless they're antiques and rare (and the evaluation process changes with every purchase).

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