What is a genesis automobile

Genesis is a company that makes luxury vehicles.

they have a range of cars, including the g80 and g90 sedans, the all-new g70 sports sedan in 2018, and an suv called the eqx in 2020. the genesis nameplate was born from hyundai's release of kia in 2009 after years of heavy influence from outside car companies such as general motors with chevrolet cars for example. the focus with genesis has been refined driving dynamics- with its all-wheel drive platform and when you push on the accelerator or stop when pulling out it avoids skidding or slanting when driving which is really helpful when driving on gravel.

are genesis cars any good?

i can't say if they quality cars, but i do know their prices go up to $60k for a 2017 one.
information to include in the answer: genesis is part of hyundai, so it's really the same company.
genesis has some nice looking cars that are close copies of mercedes and bmw models, but they're pricey at more than $30k for an entry level car. they might be worth it if you're willing to pay this much – just know that there are cheaper options out there too. the good news is that genesis does seem committed to lowering the price on most of its inventory over time as it grows in popularity, so if you wait long enough you'll be able to get very high

who manufactures genesis?

the genesis scale is made by health-o-meter

the genesis scale is currently manufactured exclusively by health-o-meters. b.r.a.t., another company, used to manufacture it but production of the product was discontinued in 1999 after just five years on the market due to low sales.(answers).
genesis has never been produced outside of north america. they are distributed through distributors and retailers in canada, mexico, bahamas, british columbia, alberta, nova scotia and ontario through many retail outlets across these provinces(wikipedia)

is genesis car a hyundai?

yes, genesis is a hyundai.

genesis cars are specifically designed and engineered at the hyundai motor company's north american r&d center in silicon valley using the same design principles as its sister company, the hyundai brand. so it's safe to say that genesis is a subsidiary of hyundai motor company. in other words, when you purchase a genesis vehicle from any authorized dealer in canada or united states for example, besides getting hyundai quality from day 1 – you also get a free 10 year/160 000 km warranty through aspca – america's pet care alliance.

what are genesis cars known for?

gas mileage is a major concern for most car buyers, and the 130hp engine with fwd provides excellent efficiency. in fact, genesis' epa-estimated fuel economy is 36 mpg on the highway, which makes it one of the highest in its class. with this kind of mileage and acceleration, why not?

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