What is a good credit score to buy a car

A high credit score can definitely help you buy a car because your apr will be lower, potential interest rates lower, and the interest rates are typically connected to the credit rating.
a high credit score also shows you have great responsibility in paying back loans that you've taken out. you want to show lenders that they can trust you with their money. low income buyers may even qualify for additional discounts on low end cars to make them affordable
a low-to-medium rating means it's tougher to qualify for loans, higher loan levels needed, higher monthly payments due to expensive aprs or interest rates
tips on getting a ideal credit score
take care of all your accounts by keeping balances at zero or less – make minimum payments if

is a 700 credit score good enough to buy a car?

it depends on the person's history of credit usage, but generally, it would be easier to get approved for a car loan with 700 than 600. this doesn't mean that it will be any cheaper or that repayment will necessarily be less depending on interest rates; it just means that fewer people (and lenders) are willing to give loans to people under an intermediate score like 700.

it also might depend on how old you are. states set different minimums for “experience-based” driving histories for some categories, usually more established drivers with riskier records can qualify at lower scores (700). but some (under 25 experience-driving) might need 900+ credit score before they'll qualify without history of regular payments and savings

what is a decent credit score to buy a car?

a score of 650 or higher is considered to be a good credit score. some lenders set the bar even higher, but this is generally not a problem for people with a 670+ if they also have some down payment saved up for a car.

for example, i am at 690 and was still able to get approved for my new honda accord. others on

can i get a car loan with 700 credit score?

with a 700 credit score, your best bet for the cheapest car loan would be online car loans that offer more competitive rates.

to get an accurate rate of how much you can borrow with a 700 credit score, i recommend getting approved with a lender who offers both personal loans and auto loans to compare rates. lenders will often use an “average” credit score rather than your exact individual number in order to make this estimation easier for them − which is why it's usually worth getting approved before shopping around for lenders. otherwise you risk wasting time on lenders who won't approve you, or dealing with numbers that are too high or too low when trying to find the one that works out best for you.

what credit score is needed to buy a car with no money down?

the minimum credit score to even qualify for a car without any money down is 620. this works out to a fico score of 680. achieving this takes several months but it's possible through the process outlined below:
have at least two large credit cards with balances under 30% maxed out at $0 balance before moving on. be sure to pay all card balances in full every month. in addition, have one auto loan or gas card [or small business loan] that can be paid off over time if necessary that you've been paying off responsibly for at least 12-24 months and never missed any payments (credit history). next, make sure no collections or unpaid medical bills stay on your reports and

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