What is a make of a car

Car make is the brand name under which vehicles are marketed. it identifies the company that designed and built the vehicle, where it was manufactured, what vehicles are related to it in terms of make or manufacturer, or a combination thereof. the term “brand” also implies something recognizable much like how nike shoes come with their familiar oval swoosh logo. same thing for cars – people often call automobiles by their make rather than their model since there are so many specific models depending on various specs. for instance “what's your favorite car?” rather than saying “what's your favorite toyota camry?” most people wouldn't know if you mean a lexus es 300h hybrid wagon vs. an oldsmobile 88 from 1970 so they

what is a make and model of a vehicle?

i don't have any idea, sorry.

generally speaking, if you're looking for make and model information about a vehicle i would recommend you try one of the following websites:
www.carzone.co.uk (uk)
www.edmunds.com (us)
www.kbb.com (us)
www.carmaxchartroomandshopsalessearchtool-partsfinder._main_pagecmaa_f1ac(global)partsfinderpage(global)(link is external) (international search engine for car part catalogs).i hope that helps out! good luck with your car search!

what is the make of a car mean?

the make and model of a car both refer to the company who originally manufactures, designs, and creates the car.

along with designating by class, type, and style – this information is useful for people looking for parts to fix their cars or that want specific specs for any particular problems they might be having. it's also an indication that someone needs to decide where they're headed soon because the roads only allow one direction at a time.:)
with so much traffic on our streets these days – it can take awhile before we know where we need to go! remember: always turn left (at least in the u.s.).
so consult your map before you take off; make sure you remember what you want out of

is honda the make or model?

honda is the maker of the car.

the company that manufactures a product or provides a service is called its “maker” and the product name becomes a trademarked brand, such as arnold schwarzenegger's line of glycerin-based personal lubricants – jell-o. as to whether “honda” should be capitalized, there are differing opinions on this. the honda logo has no vowels in it so some people fly them to make bolder graphics or all caps text for business purposes, but most find that unnecessary and often confusing because lowercase ‘h' capitalizes like an uppercase h after periods and colons.

how do i find the make and model of my car?

it is possible to find out what car you have by searching your plate number at carfolio.com. if you are not sure of the plate details, or if this site does not recognize the vehicle identification number (vin) in question, carfolio can send someone to take a look at it for free

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