What is a vin number on a car

A vin number is a 17-digit, alphanumeric identifier used to uniquely identify motor vehicles and cycle type and crafts.
a vehicle serial number (also called the vin or vehicle identification number) is an identifying piece of information for a car – the car's “fingerprint”.

as someone new to this question, i can't seem to find anything else you might want to know about vin numbers. but if you need more information on them please contact me directly and we'll go from there! otherwise, please feel free to post more questions 🙂
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how do i find out my vin number?

this is a very easy question to answer – i'm sorry it didn't seem that way. simply enter the following into the website of your respective car manufacturer or dealerships page:
the last seven digits are your vin number, with the first digit corresponding to a region, and each subsequent digit representing a different section of the vehicle. the letters represent sections where significant modifications have been made, with abbreviation codes following. for example, if you wanted to find out what engine was installed in your vehicle at manufacture you would use ‘e'.
as an example, here is mine:
i entered it in nearly exactly like this on google “ford vin decoder” for my ford fusion (a few numbers off) and

what is a vin number on a vehicle?

the vehicle identification number is a seventeen-digit code assigned to every new car at the time of its manufacture, which distinguishes it from other similar vehicles. it can also serve as a key in assigning responsibility for future recalls submitted by manufacturers, law enforcement agencies and consumers.

in order to extract this number from your vehicle, you can either contact your local dmv or do an internet search to find a vin lookup site that will check any vin for you. you may need to provide some information about your car in order to get the correct answer back. if your show plates match what is registered with the manufacturer, then all you have to do is look on either side juts above where the license plates are located; there should be

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