What is automotive technology

Automotive technology is a collection of systems and machines that enable automobiles to function as a means for transportation.

vehicle anatomy:

the essential anatomy of a car includes a chassis, bodywork, suspension system, drivetrain, braking system and more recent additions such as active safety features. these components may be stored together or separately on the vehicle. they are necessary to keep it roadworthy and can include some form of motive power depending on design type. the automotive industry offers internships which provide real life experience in this field by giving an insight into mechanical engineering jobs from those who work directly with these technologies. internship placements may cover the full gamut from designing automobile products for production to research and development projects related

what are automotive technologies?

approximately or surely services and products of a company made for the manufacturing of automobiles.
automotive technology is a minority field that entails creation, improvement and maintenance of machinery utilized by different companies in the automotive industry. automotive technicians are primarily needed to perform diagnoses, repairs and remove problems from vehicles of all sorts which can range from cars to trucks, buses or trains.
some tasks automotive technicians may encounter include mechanical work, engine work as well as electrical work.
the specialists they usually deal with under their jurisdiction is vehicles themselves so it's not uncommon for them to need an extensive understanding on vehicles they'll be working on every day at their place-of-work. they do so by using diagnostic troubleshooting methods and

is automotive technology a good career?

as someone who also studies automotive engineering, i would say yes. engineering opportunities are expected to double globally by 2020. also, the average salary for an engineer is up to $108k/year (2015), according to us bureau of labor statistics. the demand for skilled engineers will only continue grow with advancements in the tech industry and with customer desire for more connected and automated cars.

what can you do with a degree in automotive technology?

with a degree in automotive technology you can work as an automotive technician or repairperson. the average annual salary of an automotive mechanic is $40,000.

as for opportunities for advancement, many technicians eventually move into management, sales, or even other fields like accounting. it's never too late to get training and skills to excel in the creative field of design development where you're given the opportunity to think outside the box with conceptualizing novel ideas that could change the way we drive tomorrow!

-danilo powell phd., professor emeritus at ucla

what is the major for automotive technology?

automotive technology is an industrial engineering discipline that focuses on the design and analysis of processes for designing automobiles or automotive systems such as braking and emission control.

automotive technologists may work in a variety of areas during their career including but not limited to: designing components, manufacturing tools, testing surface finishes on all new cars before they leave the factory, instrumentation calibration and maintenance. the major for this field is industrial engineering because it includes more than just cars themselves – people who specialize in industrial engineering analyze anything from car components to production systems!

what interest you most about this field?

-i'm interested in pursuing a degree in industrial engineering or web engineering because i like working with people, projects and things like business plans.

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