What is considered high mileage for a used car

The idea of what constitutes a “high-mileage” vehicle varies by country and culture. in the u.s., where cars are expected to get between 20-30 mpg even when brand new, 40k would be seen as high for something like a toyota corolla whereas in some other countries, anything over 200k would fall under their definition of high mileage because it's not unheard of to pick up something like a vw golf that comes standard at 150+ hp and has fuel economy near or above 50mpg on the highway. your destination may also influence your expectations; while many will want to buy an extra jerry can trunk pack if

how many miles is too much for a used car?

when you're shopping for a used car, it's difficult to know how many miles is too much. this varies from one person to the next and also depends on what type of driving conditions they experience. if you intend on long-term use or occasionally driving over 1,000 miles in a week, then you might want to reconsider buying a used car with more than 100,000 miles because major parts such as brakes will be wearing down quickly. but if your vehicle only gets 25-50 miles per week and your only goal is buying lower cost transportation then several hundred thousand can be an acceptable mileage range.
chevy equinox

since chevy equinox vehicles get around 29 mpg at best, this chevy equinox

should i buy a car with 150k miles?

the mileage is a notable factor – but it’s just one factor. the expenses associated with purchasing a car at the 150k mile mark includes the price of fixing an existing problem, as well as possible increased maintenance costs and increased gas consumption. in addition to the high miles, be sure to review any mechanical records provided by the seller and have an independent mechanic look over it before purchase if possible.

including why they think so:
one very good reason not to buy a 150k-mile vehicle is that there's no way you can know what has been repaired and may need repair again in future (indicated by higher than normal depreciation across all makes). a second very good reason not to purchase a used vehicle with

is 40000 miles a lot for a used car?

it's a lot of miles for a used car. in this case, you should be having it checked out by a trusted mechanic before buying it. be sure to pay attention to the engine noise and any unusual smoke from the tailpipe in order to see if there might be an impending issue with your purchase. if anything is in question, bring up these points when negotiating with the seller and ask them to lower the price accordingly so that good faith is maintained on both sides.
if we refer back to our previous post about buying rc cars, we'll see that last year i bought two rc cars at 14000 miles each and one had engine issues, which was fixed for $100 dollars at “joe's racing shop”. hopefully

is over 300 000 miles on a car bad?

in some cases, the car will need attention before it reaches 300 000 miles. in other cases, a car can make it well past 300 000 miles.

in order to calculate if the mileage on a car is good or not, consider these factors:

-is there anything visibly wrong with the vehicle and does it seem unsafe to drive?

-does oil change intervals seem adequately maintained?

All cars should be changed every 10 000 – 15 000 km/6 – 9 months) but many people don’t do this which leads to wear and tear. oil changes for properly maintained cars should happen every 30 000 km (18 months)- which prevents engine wear and generally makes engines run more efficiently. but oil changes don't

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