What is cruise control in car

Cruise control is when you use your foot to maintain a constant speed, reducing the auto-acceleration, which saves gas. the reasoning is that since an engine has more torque starting out than at cruising speeds, then inefficiencies are minimized when the car maintains its speed.

how does car cruise control work?

the sensors on the car send input about changes in bumper height to the cruise control computer. the computer determines whether any change has occurred and sends back a signal to adjust the accelerator pedal. this constant adjustment of speed is what makes cruise control function, making it more comfortable for drivers.

is cruise control good for your car?

cruise control is used to maintain a vehicle's speed and is generally considered safe.

a cruise control system coordinates the throttle and brakes in an attempt to effectively balance driver demand, fuel consumption, and brake wear. drivers can set their desired speed by adjusting the cruise control pedals on the accelerator and break pedal. aside from faster vehicles such as sport cars or high-performance vehicles, many drivers find that this keeps their travel time lower than trying to drive at a fixed speed without the assist of cruise control.
cruise control is especially useful in rugged terrain when hills are present but it should be noted that these machines require no less care when driving them on a steep slope for some people may experience some problems with differing rates of elevation changes

when should you use cruise control?

automobile cruise control should be used for any drive that lasts longer than 30 minutes. it will help maintain a constant speed and smoothness, which in turn helps the driver.
you can use it when you're making a long trip or when you have your hands full. cruise control can also help decrease fuel consumption because cars won't need to rapidly accelerate and slow down quite so often if they follow a slower pace.
the best time to push the gas pedal is between 50-80 miles per hour depending on highway conditions, so cruising at slower speeds likely means more throttle work for engine systems, higher carbon emissions from gasoline use, costlier gasoline from frequent acceleration and slowing down, etc.
cruise control shouldn't be used in

how do you use cruise control?

pretty much like you would use a manual transmission. find the desired cruising speed, slowly apply pressure on the gas pedal to reach that speed, then remove your foot from the gas pedal. the vehicle's computer will automatically increase or reduce engine rpms as needed to maintain your selected speed under varying road and load conditions.”

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