What is detailing a car

The process of washing and polishing a car to make it look like new again.

while the process varies depending on where you live, what type of car you drive and which service provider does the detailing for you, here is a general idea: first, your vehicle receives an exterior scrubbing followed by an application of degreaser to loosen up hardened dirt and various stubborn grime. then your vehicle gets an exterior wash using a pulsating or boundary less (foaming) detergent-suds mix. a high powered washer lifts dirt like magic from all those hard-to-reach spots with minimal use of hand pressure on low profile tires or wheels. next is the important part – drying times vary so allow about 20

what is included in detailing a car?

hand washing the exterior of your car with a mild soap.
cleaning the interior including dashboard, seats, doors, and any stains or spills on carpets. cleaning rims manually if they are coated in dirt. cleaning underneath the vehicle including undercarriage, exhaust system and wheel wells. the tires are hand dried before polishing to create a deep shine on tires for that finished look. washing windows professionally inside and out with an ammonia-free solution that will not affect paint or glass surface therefore creating visibility again for your vehicle to see clearly through clean windows!
note: every job is different but all procedures are usually followed except for step one which varies by season as you would not want to use harsh

what does it cost to detail a car?

detailing a car typically ranges from $100-$150 on average.

generally, one can use products specifically designed to maintain a car's interior and exterior surfaces by first vacuuming the interior and wiping down the trim. next, specialized non-scratch pads will be used for a proper hand wash of the body panels of the vehicle. the paint surface is then cleaned with more of these same pads that have been sprayed with detailer or polish which contains cleaner agents to remove brake dust build up, road grime, rail dust ,and other contaminants from daily driving conditions which may have accumulated during ownership of an automobile. all tires are thoroughly vacuumed out as well as clean upholstery/leather surfaces, seats fabric areas

what does it mean to detail your car?

detailing is the process of washing, waxing, vacuuming, drying, treating tiny scratches in the paint with touch-up paint or rubbing compound, polishing chrome exhaust tips and other metal parts with chrome polish after wiping off the excess rubber cement-based adhesive with acetone (or citrus oil for plastics), removing any stone chips on exterior body work using an appropriate filler; this also includes applying automotive-quality primer/sealer to the whole of unfinished wood trim (including window frames) to prevent sun damage.

let's face it – no matter how meticulously anyone cares for their car over its life span, they will never get it looking like new again. that's where detailing comes in; by attention to detail (

what is the difference between a car wash and car detailing?

a car wash is a basic service which simply washes the exterior of a vehicle, while a car detailing includes washing and cleaning the interior as well.

a detailer takes care of both the inside and outside of your model year-old vehicle, protecting it with durable top layer treatments to seal up these surfaces from harm. besides protecting your investment for many years ahead, this will also leave your new or late-model used automotive looking like new! on top of that, detailers can remove any dings or scratches you might have picked up along the way without leaving any permanent scars on your paint. this means that no matter how dirty you think your ride looks right now, it's never too late to give us call today to

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