What is financing a car mean

The process of swapping assets into cash, which is then used to buy the car.

how does financing a car work?

financing a car usually follows the following steps: apply for financing through the dealer where you want to buy your vehicle, check credit rating and score if needed, sign paperwork. if approved, choose loan term (i.e., 36 months at $2000/month in installments), pay in full or make monthly payments in accordance with terms. it can be tricky to determine which financing option will work best for you when it comes time to purchase your new car so see your local dealer today!
note that often dealers offer far more favorable rates than banks because they estimate that you'll spend money on repairs at their shop during the time period that you own it. that means both sides of this financial equation profit – buyers get cheap rates

is it good to finance a car?

it depends entirely on what you want in your life or what your goals are.

please let me know:

-do you like to save? (answers usually include paying down debt and getting ahead) -do you like the latest technology? (answers typically include the newest cars and speedboats, motorcycles, and planes) -does status matter to you? (people often say no if their answer is “no”)

-are children in your future plans?(some people might say yes if they plan on having children or provide resources for their child's education). there would be reasons then that financing a car may be good for some people. for example one person said: my parenting style

why financing a car is a bad idea?

if you have the money-it's not a bad idea. if you don't, maybe it is? you might ask yourself, “well how can they afford to offer me this car for so cheap?” a reputable car dealership will finance your purchase responsibly, at an interest rate that works for both of you. if you need to jump through hoops just to get what is being offered on the lot-run! car dealerships are in business to make money, plain and simple. they want you happy with the purchase but not too happy because then they've lost their chance of selling sidekick after sidewinder…themselves!

financing any expensive item has great benefits if done responsibly. but know what's behind

is financing a car the same as buying?

it depends on how you look at it. financing a car is more like borrowing money and paying it off in installments, and buying a car is more like making a down payment on the purchase of an asset. when you finance the car, depreciation might be used when determining your monthly payments. depreciation is where when your vehicle gets older, its value drops to correspond with that age and use when accounting for total cost of owning the vehicle over time, such as all maintenance expenses such as oil changes and new brakes etc., plus any interest charges paid in connection with the loan taken out for funding your auto purchase.
when someone buys their automobile they pay upfront for it outright or through some other means whether leasing or getting approved for

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