What is idling in a car

Idling with your engine running means your car is getting zero enjoyment time in the fresh air with you. stop idling and get into gear!

idling is just wasting gas. when you're waiting in traffic, turn off the engine! it'll save gas rather than staying parked with an idling engine wasting fuel.

do you know that using power steering or driving on a steeper slope when cars are not running can also increase fuel consumption when they are switched back on?

this leads to more gas wasted, so be smart about how long your car stays idle – use it wisely.
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is it bad for your car to idle?

idling is bad for your car because it burns too much fuel and wears your engine faster.

idle speeds are a pointless function of the automotive industry, so you should put the pedal to the metal when you have to idle. idling is not needed for warming up modern vehicles, so you're only going to be burning gas and wearing down your engine while idling. in general, unless it's very cold out (<32f or <0c), there's no good reason you shouldn't just go ahead and get up to speed when starting from a stop-and-go traffic jam scenario - but don't do this if it puts yourself in danger from speeding cars!

what happens when a car is idling?

the computer system detects that the vehicle is being used by someone and control electronics steps in to provide a more efficient idle state. as opposed to just shutting off, this computer system keeps electric power running so the vehicle can be restarted quickly. and for use in controlling fuel economy, states what gas is best, when it should typically be filled up.

what is the purpose of idling?

there are many purposes for idling, here are just a few.
it is possible to increase the life of the engine by allowing it to idle. it is common for an active computer's cpu to be at 100% utilization, making it difficult or sometimes impossible for background processes (such as virus scanning) to interrupt the foreground process if they require use of the cpu resource. for other tasks (including but not limited to playing music) it may also facilitate anonymity by anonymizing your ip address while performing other internet related actions like checking email or using chat programs that do not log ips.(source: wikipedia )

what are the effects of idling?

there are strict epa guidelines for idle emissions. idling is bad because it consumes fuel, reduces engine life and increases pollution. idle decreases the vehicle's efficiency and wastes fuel by pumping large volumes of air through the engine while the vehicle is not running, wasting gas. the most dramatic effect comes from what you might refer to as using accelerator pedal “lag”, which creates a delay in how long it takes for your foot to increase or decrease your gas pedal response time when you begin driving after idling for an extended period of time. this lag can be disorienting at first but becomes subtlety annoying with prolonged idling sessions. further, idling means that the car needs less frequent maintenance since it's not actually being driven that

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