What is liability car insurance

Liability car insurance is coverage that covers the cost to repair your own vehicle and, in some cases, damage to other people's property.

does liability insurance cover my car if someone hits me?

yes. the liability insurance you have for your vehicle is secondary coverage to the one that you have at home. however, just like other secondary insurance providers, they will not pay out unless your injury was caused by an accident where another driver caused the damage to you.

if a person were to rear-end you while driving your personal car, their auto insurance would cover the cost of damages due to their fault “per se” which means there is no need for them to prove it in court if their own insurer settles with you via phone call or written form. this applies even if they were driving under the influence–legal intoxication/impaired driving laws only apply when someone operates a motor vehicle on public roads or highways and don

what is the difference between liability and full coverage insurance?

liability insurance provides coverage for damage you accidentally or unintentionally cause to another driver's vehicle, while full coverage offers more complete protection from accidents.

liability is a simple form of car insurance that covers the person driving the car for incidents where they do not have financial means to cover damages caused by their negligent behavior, such as running into a parked car. the liability option also protects drivers in cases where they are hurt while driving someone else's car without permission and that other driver does not have personal injury coverage themselves. in contrast, full coverage includes all the liability protections but adds on benefits for comprehensive and collision repairs too. it is important to know which type of policy you need before purchasing it so there will be no surprises when an accident

what is the purpose of liability insurance on a car?

liability insurance is the basic, foundational level of coverage for your vehicle. this type of policy doesn't cover damages to your vehicle but will pay out if you are found liable in the event someone is injured or killed due to an accident caused by you.

similar product types are included on all car policies which can vary greatly depending on personal preferences and availability–the only difference with liability is that it features low limits relative to other optional coverage types while providing a great level of protection against costs for costs for injuries incurred while driving. for example, medical expenses may be covered up to $25k while injury personal effects are typically capped at 10 times your net worth or 2 million dollars after death/injury. it's also important to

when should you only have liability insurance on your car?


insurance is a vital component of a car owner's responsibility. typically, someone with a new car will opt for liability insurance only because the vehicle has not yet depreciated in value and they don't have costly coverage or upgrades. for older vehicles that have fallen in value, it becomes more crucial to consider additional options such as comprehensive and/or collision coverage if desired…

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