What is my car worth?

Your car's worth is determined by the buyer, but you can estimate its value by considering these factors.

detail the information within the text of this answer with photos and links to more detailed sources where possible.
if your car is in good shape overall, has low mileage, fitted with an alarm system, and maintenance records on file for all services completed since inception (including major service like timing belt replacement or air conditioning replacement), then you might want to set your price point at $1-2k higher than book value. if it’s not quite in such “mint” condition but still maintains many of these features—say it's got about 100k miles on it– then you could place it at maybe $

how do i look up what my car is worth?

the process of determining the value of a car is straightforward. all you have to do is find your vin number, input it in carfax.com, and read the worth based on their rating system.
you can also try using another website called kelley blue book which has an app for iphones users to look up what their cars are worth right from their phone so you can sell or buy with maximum knowledge! using this approach will give you up-to-date values whenever they happen to be released by kbb.
as always remember that trade-in value may be different than resale values if there's any significant wear and tear on your vehicle which could reduce its trade-in value significantly depending in part on how

is kelley blue book or edmunds more accurate?

most people would agree that kelley blue book has the most accurate pricing. however, it doesn't offer the best interest rates if you're looking to finance. edmunds is less reliable for pricing but they're probably the better of the two choices if you want a good deal on financing your car purchase. hope this helps!

what is a nada value?

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suggestions for further reading:
1) https://www.ncbi

what is market value of a car?

market value is the worth of a car in the market. it varies depending on condition, mileage, features, location, etc. these are all factors that determine how much money an item will bring when sold.

it's not directly possible to provide an accurate number for this question because it depends on many outside factors, but typically cars are given a kelley blue book value which is essentially the estimated resale value for your vehicle.

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