What is sedan car

A sedan is a passenger vehicle in automotive terminology. sedans will historically have been constructed of steel or in some cases, with significant use of heavy wood in the body work.

what is meant by sedan car?

a sedan is a type of car, and unlike other types of cars, they typically have four doors. the term originated in the united states to describe initially only the most expensive limousines that lacked running boards – chauffeurs opened doors at curb level.

sedan cars are relatively easy to drive given that they handle like a typical passenger vehicle or truck (with two sets of tires on all four corners). the biggest distinction between sedans and other vehicles is their construction: while hatchbacks and suvs both require more space for storage than what's found in an average sedan, many sedans offer trunk space comparable to bigger vehicles such as sport utility vehicles. if you're looking for something cheaper than a sports utility vehicle but

what is sedan and suv?

the word sedan refers to a traditional type of car which seats 4-5 people inside. the word suv doesn't have an exact meaning, though it generally refers to vehicles with higher ground clearance and capabilities for off-road driving. some people refer to suvs as “crossovers” because they sit somewhere between cars and trucks.

what is the difference between sedan and hatchback cars?

a sedan is a car with a fixed roof where a hatchback typically has an opening in the back of the frame that allows room for cargo.

in addition to this, sedans are usually more expensive and hatchbacks are often louder because their trunk is located near the engine. in contrast, sedans will be more powerful since there's less weight behind or in front of it while going forward so they can move faster while being reliable for fuel efficiency since they have better aerodynamics. this may sound complicated but you'll soon get used to it! as long as you know some basics-cars have engines, seats and a steering wheel-you'll be able to understand what type of car is best for your needs no matter what question

what is a sedan car vs coupe?

the term “sedan car” gets its name because the drivers of these vehicles typically sat in the back seat. sedans are usually larger than coupes, but vehicles can be modified to fit this description that vary greatly in size depending on their original design. whilst sedans may technically come into different categories such as 2 door or 4 door, they all share some common characteristics. they include bigger interiors and trunks, which make them more comfortable for passengers sitting in the backseat; however trade-offs also exist dependent on vehicle to vehicle (e.g., a two-door sedan will typically cost less to buy than a standard four-door sedan).
coupes are usually smaller than sedans and often

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