What is the cheapest car

The cheapest car would be a used 2006 honda civic. used: new:
used 2006 honda civic $1000
new 2006 honda civic $12000-$20,000**
cheapest so far $1000 vs. $12,000-20,000 at the most expensive. definitely not worth it to spend such a big jump in price difference so you can go from relatively cheap to most expensive! just save up more and get the newer model. some of the newer models now come with over 50 mpg and that's doubling your gas mileage which is definitely costly otherwise! so my advice is that if you really need a new car and want to buy as cheaply as possible- do it: but don't go crazy

what is the cheapest car today?

the cheapest car today is not any of the cars that are on the market, but rather an electric mobility scooter. some even come with a cup holder for your convenience. visit http://www.scooterelectricmotorsports.com/index to see more information about price and models available.

what is the cheapest type of car?

when it comes to pricing, you can't beat a used sedan.

traffic is very common in most metropolitan areas, and this increases the odds that someone will run into your new car. and with gasoline prices fluctuating like they do, it's tough to predict what might happen to the price of gas before you're ready to sell. so for conservative buyers who want little risk involved in their purchase, treated themselves recently for something else fun or important? try looking at used sedans – there are tons off them available on sites like craigslist or ebay by owners who either bought new last year but have already had problems with the car or just got sick of dealing with general “car trouble” issues.

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