What is the fastest car in gta 5 story mode

The fastest car in gta 5's story mode is a modified cheetah, one of the fastest cars in the game.

the cheetah has a similar top speed to that of a sports bike, but it is heavier and benefits from four-wheel drive, making it ideal for driving on sand or snow. because its wheelbase is longer than two wheeled motorcycles', it will be able to corner much better too. in summary, the clear choice when you want to go fast!
in addition there are various other road legal pickups with excellent acceleration such as the ones from warstock cache & carry agencies – one being unlocked from conquering roca escalante and another unlockable after completion of the arms trafficking side mission

what is the fastest car in gta 5 story?

the fastest car in gta 5's story is the pegassi zentorno, which can reach a staggering 202 mph.

the pegassi zentorno is one of the quickest cars in gta 5 – it can have a top speed just shy of 200 miles per hour. it's also very durable and powerful to drive due to its engine being from a helicopter. its appearance is sleek and to make matters even better, it has four nitro boosts for short bursts of speed during missions or out on the open road. those who enjoy going fast will definitely want to purchase this vehicle!

what are the top 5 fastest cars in gta 5 story mode?

1. hijak khamelion – $748,000
2. sweet's carbonrs pinnacle – $999,000
3. z-type – $597,000
4. nagasaki blazer turbo (free to play pc game) 5. pegassi ruffian (free to play pc game)

what is the fastest car in gta 5 offline 2020?

there is no absolute answer for this question. the fastest car in gta 5 offline 2020 is either the futo or the pegassi zentorno. comparing these two cars, the futo's acceleration and top speed are extremely balanced and make it an excellent choice. however, it does not excel in any category and isn't a pick if you're looking for a specific type of vehicle; while the pegassi zentorno has an insane acceleration but with compromised handling and slow speed. if you're looking for customization options like ability to change color schemes or add decals (street/off-road), then also consider vehicles such as emperor etr1, banshee 900rr, valkyrie

what is the fastest car in gta 5 story mode 2021?

the racecar is the fastest car in gta 5.

yes, this question does seem like a joke. however, the answer is true for those who are playing on professional mode. an exotic bike can beat all cars aside from a racecar after pulling up as close as possible to them and delivering as many hits as possible before they speed off. here's why: if you're using an exotic bike and it's already done over 1000 hp then then only way that someone will be able to escape you is by catching air and going offroading (unless there is collision bugs). to reach 1000 hp you would need maximum nitrous and maximum turbo boost along with engine upgrades such as engine size 3×3 or 4×4;

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